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CORD CONTROL KITS In the Cord Control Kits you'll find the perfect combination of wire-management components to organize your office's messy cords, cables and wires.

Superflex™ Tube At the core of the Kits is our unique Superflex slit plastic tubing that conceals the mess. The full length slit allows the cords to enter and exit the tube at any point so all you see is the last inch or two of cord. Each Kit also contains 32 Color Coded Labels (see below) for the cord ends and jacks. With these labels anyone can hook-up the most complicated equipment by simply matching colors. The 6 versatile and Reusable Beaded Ties bundle up any cords that are left outside the tube.

The best Kit for most office workstations is the new Just Right Cord Control Kit. The 8 foot long,1 1/4 inch tube holds up to 40% more cords than our Standard Kit. If you have a really congested workstation you'll need the Big Tube Kit which holds twice as many cords as the Standard Kit . These Kits are available with either black, white, or light gray Superflex Tube.

Every Cord Control Kit also includes 32 Color Coded Labels and 6 Reusable Beaded Ties


Color Coded Labels

Our simplest and most popular labeling system. 16 self-adhesive rectangles label the cord ends. 16 circles label the cord jacks. Together they make it easy to reconnect the most complicated equipment by simply matching colors.

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